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** Discover fascinating Word of the Henkel Company products – glues, sealants, products dedicated to regeneration and preparing surfaces.

Brands of the Henkel Company such as Loctite, Teroson, Hysol are less well- known among individual clients, although they appoint high standard in industrial processes and repairing machinery all the time. Invisible , but super effective glues and sealants of Loctite and Teroson brands are able to find in thousand industrial applications. Henkel offers the most modern solutions, precisely adjusted to specific requirements of materials and treatment processes.

** ………………. Routine maintenance of machinery, repair and overhaul machine parts …………………….

Every industrial processes requires actions like repair and maintenance of machinery. In all cases, where the most important thing is an absolute certainty Loctite products have superior safety and reliability, Loctite products have superior safety and reliability , as well they help preserve the value of the plant and its installation.

A wide range of high quality adhesives and sealants, lubricants and cleaners that offers Loctite gives engineers a decisive advantage in minimizing delays in labor and equipment downtime.

Loctite products are used with great success in bonding, protecting and sealing. In some cases it is sufficient to apply the product directly from the tube or bottle. In other cases it is necessary to precise, automatic dispensing. Henkel offers a full range of dispensing equipment – from simply manual dispensers, through fully automated dispensing devices to the individual dispensers for specialized manufacturing processes.

For many years employees of Henkel company have developed their own products and solutions, they do not follow trends- just create unique patents in the field of manufacturing equipment and repair sector.

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